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Marine Gas System Safety Certificates

Trust in the experienced crew of Bayside Gas Service to get it right the first time - Marine trained technicians.

There is no better feeling than being out on the water enjoying this great coast of ours. Feel even better about it knowing your gas system on board is safe and working efficiently, having been checked thourghly by a competent tradesman. Bayside Gas Service has over 25 years working on gas appliances and systems in all types of marine craft.

Marine Gas Certificates
Qld Government Gas Compliance Plate
Marine Gas Safety Certificates
Marine Gas System Certification


Bayside Gas Service does Marine Gas System Certification for all types of craft. Whether it's for change of registration purposes when selling, a yearly survey check on a commercial vessel, or just peace of mind that everything is safe before embarking on that great escape, we do it all with a minimum of fuss and fast turnaround. Book an inspection now.

Qld Government Gas System Compliance Plates


All marine craft whether under Survey or privately owned with a gas system fitted that are certified in Queensland are required to have a Qld Government Compliance plate fitted. They need to be engraved with the date of compliance, the compliance certificate number, Licensee details and a coded list of the appliances installed. We fit these onsite if necassary when certifying the vessel.

LPG and Safety on boats


LPG is still one of the easiest and cheapest ways to  provide cooking and, in some cases, water heating on boats. Some precautions should be noted as LPG in confined spaces can be very dangerous. Some basic rules are always store LPG bottles in their designated locker, including any spares. When fitting a new bottle check with soapy water (never a naked flame) for leaks, and around any associated equipment. If you smell gas turn off at the bottles and ventilate the area. For a complete check of your gas system, book a safety inspection now.

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