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Marine gas maintenance

Gas in marine crafts is a very handy energy source for cooking, bbq's, heating hot water etc. It is very safe also, though many people have reservations as LPG is heavier than air and therefore if there is a leak could find it's way to the lowest point in the boat.

Marine BBQ

The best way to ever avoid this happening is by turning the bottles off when not in use, checking connections (especially around the bottles and regulator) with soapy water for gas leaks periodically (it will blow bubbles at the leak), and regular maintenance/inspections, especially if the boat has sat idle. Bugs and insects can infiltrate vents on regulators, get inside appliances causing blockages and into gas bottle pigtails if they haven't had a cylinder connected for awhile.

Gas bottle locker

Boats are required now to have an OPP(over pressure protected) regulator with a test point. Most boats if they have had their registration transferred in the last 10-15 years should have been upgraded. Any craft under marine survey needs to be certified every year and as such should have already been upgraded. These regulators will stop the system from becoming over pressurised in the event of the regulator failing, instead dumping the contents of the bottle to atmosphere, which is why it is very important to have your gas bottle locker properly installed with the vent hole going over the side of the boat.

OPP regulator

Some people like to install gas detectors at the lowest point in the boat ie: the bilge/galley floor, and these can be inter phased with a solenoid valve at the cylinder to shut the gas off in the event of it detecting LPG.

These are mandatory in particular situations, though there is confusion among some fitters when they have to be used. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Gas detector kit

Every year the gas laws are upgraded as improvements in safety and compliance come into being and this is why even after a few years if you have to get your boat re-complied for whatever reason there will need to be work done to bring it up to the latest standard.

Qld Government Compliance plates are one example as these have only been required in the last few years to be engraved and fitted, generally in the gas bottle locker, when certifying a boat.

Here at Bayside Gas Service we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time, and with nearly 30 years working on gas systems in marine craft you can be confident of a job well done.

Please contact us with any queries you may have regarding your system or to book a marine certification.

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